Happy 21st Alise(sp ?)
2002-07-22 23:20:06 ET

Chamey, lambic, Pauliner hef oh my! Need to go to sleep now.

2002-07-22 23:24:13 ET


2002-07-23 05:21:37 ET


GREAT drink choices!

2002-07-23 05:39:22 ET

yeah, those are so so much better than the cans of Bud Light in my fridge!

2002-07-23 21:27:49 ET

you got me into lambic now.. sean and i saw it at fred meyer and natures!

2002-07-24 17:43:38 ET

they sell lambic at fredmyer and natures now..

kinda spendy

6$ for less than a pint i think

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