Felix Returns
2002-07-23 18:25:55 ET

The pretty fractal is my touch to the pic.

I wonder when Sykospark and m0xie are going to bump up my image quota. I have so many things I'd like to show whoever reads my page.

Oh well, I must put down the Photoshop and do some dishes before the rev gets home.

2002-07-23 18:53:21 ET

Sorry. Got caught up trying to resolve the stupid amazon thing and all this copyright crap.
If it actually works, then hopefully those who donated to it can get a refund, and resend money via paypal.
Also, in the future, please PM me regarding this type of thing, instead of posting about it in your journal, where it won't get addressed as properly.

2002-07-23 18:55:06 ET

that's cool. i was planning on making a second donation next month. hopfully a little more...

2002-07-23 18:55:36 ET

Monthly donations of small amounts are cooler than one big lump donation, y0. :)
Anything is appreciated, trust me!!!! <3

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