2002-07-24 18:21:26 ET

I'm in a crappy mood, have been all day. The rev and I got into a fight in regards to some pr0n on his machine. It was some extremely vulger stuff that left me feeling violated after he showed it to me. He got all defensive about it because I like to go on "What's the difference?", he asked. Well lets see...

I don't go there to get off.>:(

2002-07-24 18:33:18 ET

Boys will be boys, Washu.

2002-07-24 18:36:41 ET

I know kasty, I've tried to accept that. But I have issues.

2002-07-24 18:37:37 ET

Well, it's understandable to be mad.

I've made a habit of not looking at pr0n and keeping the fapping to a minimum when I'm in a relationship.

2002-07-24 18:39:40 ET

It never helps a girls self-esteem when her boy still feels the need to.

2002-07-24 18:42:37 ET

I know how you feel.

Have you tried telling this to him?

2002-07-24 18:45:22 ET

Somewhat. I'm really bad about talking about problems to people.

2002-07-24 18:47:05 ET

The key to a good relationship is communication.

Maybe after a few glasses of wine? = )

2002-07-24 18:47:56 ET

eeewww, wine? beer.:)

2002-07-24 18:52:34 ET

Ewww, beer? Go to the liquor. It's quicker.

Oh, by the way, happy make up sex. =P

2002-07-24 18:57:02 ET

I understand what you are saying, in that:
A. bad day (i tangle with amazon, you have to tangle with paypal grr )

B. porn that leaves you unsettled, and someone close to you feeling otherwise about it. I think there are things that, being female, definately make one more sensitive about stuff like that. It's like, as a girl, you would NOT want that done to you, whatever was in the images. But a man doesn't have the same nibbles n' bits, and sees it in a different light. :(

2002-07-24 19:01:18 ET

My ex did something similar, and it always made me a little uncomfortable. Definately try to talk to him about it.

2002-07-24 19:02:06 ET

A quick (very quick, note the quality.) drawing, for the ladies. = )


2002-07-24 19:03:15 ET

"nibbles n' bits"

You know syko, this is why I love you.

2002-07-24 19:04:40 ET

honestly im sure it has nothing to do with you.. most guys in general still like to look at porn regardless of how they feel about their gfs.. its a guy thing i guess.. i dont know but i think you really shouldnt worry about it.. doesnt mean he doesnt find you attractive.. just stating my opinion.. its only our human nature..

2002-07-24 19:05:42 ET


2002-07-24 23:28:14 ET

i'm feeling better now.

i know its in a guy's nature to wanna wank. but i see nothing erotic about loops of girls getting facials and gaping assholes. the rev claims that the loop was meant to be disturbing amusement, but i saw noting amusing about it.

anyhow we are talking about it now.

syko-paypal sent me their apologies.

2002-07-25 06:27:52 ET

Screw their apologies, I just want to make sure they bill back your credit card the correct amount! :)

2002-07-25 10:56:30 ET

they better.

2002-07-26 18:17:29 ET

i hear ya girl..

i dont doubt the urge to wank.. as its not just a male urge.. its just more acceptable for men to have fantasys no matter how disturbing then women. i understand were your coming from tho.. i think its more a respect thing.. but i know you guys worked it out.

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