My Weekend So Far
2002-07-25 23:24:45 ET

I have to spend a weekend home just because I did indeed have to buy a life last week. The rev and I have to stay in due to lack of funds. So tonight we have guests. We are showing our friend Facelesskiss and a friend of his Ali G videos.

Ali interviewing Posh Spice and her boy:,3858,4134291,00.html

Ali G translator:

The previous entry using the Ali G translator:
me is havin to spend a weekend Staines just 'coz me did indeed ave to buy a life last week. da rev hand me is havin to stay in due to lack hof funds. So tonight we ave guests. We is showin our friend Facelesskiss hand a friend hof his Ali G videos

2002-07-25 23:26:19 ET


ali g ownz

2002-07-25 23:30:36 ET

aw yeah...

2002-07-25 23:34:38 ET

i need to learn how to talk like ali g

and dress like him

i want to be ali g when i grow up

2002-07-25 23:41:32 ET

i need a pair of those rip off pants but as black shorts. there's no way i would use 'em in public though.

2002-07-25 23:41:56 ET

im sure you could find a way

2002-07-26 00:24:26 ET

that shit was hilarious!

2002-07-26 05:41:33 ET

wow didnt realize how 'tipsy' i got last night till i got home. had a great time last night!

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