Monday (Saturday to yous peeps who have the day off)
2002-07-27 18:29:14 ET

Busy day...sold a lot of useless things. I got home and checked my mail. There was a letter from my little sis and my t-shirt in my box. Hooray! My sister sent me a cute button of Gir from Invader Zim. I'm happy about the shirt but large is l a r g e. If it doesn't shrink up a little with the first wash I might give it to the rev and order a medium next month. I want to use it for my poster rivet pic, or possibly a poseur shirt.

I must now go and make some mix cds for work and SwEeTWiTcH4u from the forums. I'm inspired to do something other than play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 tonight.

2002-07-27 18:34:13 ET

gir gir i love gir. " hi floor make me sandwhich""meow" waffles, I love waffles

2002-07-27 19:41:20 ET

It will definately shrink, trust me. 100% non pre washed cotton, y0.
But the shirts ARE large. :(
Different brand than the poseur shirts, which are of smaller cut.

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