Unexpected Need For Money
2002-07-30 19:29:33 ET

The Ozone called today to tell me that my order came in. Yesterday Ozone UK called to tell me the same thing, different album. All my spending money for the next week is already spent. Damn my music habit. This Friday I will have the new 18 Summers and the new Klinik albums.

I'm so happy both those stores opened, but man, the amount of my money they get out of me....them and micro/european brewers.

2002-07-30 19:31:17 ET

beer and music...yah i feel your pain.

one day it'll drive me to the poor house :/

2002-07-30 19:32:55 ET

i am in such heaven whilest in both OZONES!!!

2002-07-30 19:39:23 ET

they'll only improve with age. :)

falk, yes poor house. wait...i'm already poor. o.O

2002-07-30 20:52:14 ET

stopped in for dinner at the Shanghai tonight; had the Basta polenta meal with some Lambic and Paulaner Hef to wash it down. mmm ... tasty foods, great drinks, and a perfect weather nite out ... damn great Tuesday eve.

now all i need is some new music to keep me poor as po' broke can be! :P

2002-07-31 09:13:03 ET

aged like fine wine...
now 2 of them like profitable wineries, who's vinyards(music) is sweet!
ahhhh yessss....

2002-08-01 03:59:57 ET

Everytime I'm in Portland I end up spending my rent money at Ozone. Now that Musicwerks has had that fire (speaking of which- are you coming to the Musicwerks benefit on Fri?) I have no where in Seattle to get my music! Bah!
Btw- thanks again for the wrist bands/ beer glasses. I only wich Joe and I would have been able to go. :)

2002-08-01 12:06:47 ET

Oh no problem. :)

I don't think we're going to be able to make the benefit. No ride.

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