Strangest Embers Night Ever
2002-08-01 01:28:20 ET

I got there early tonight as usual. Something had happened at the club last week that made the owner change all the locks. He was away doing something else and was unreachable. He forgot to leave the new keys for the dj booth, so the employees had to open the bar sans music. It was music free social time for an hour and a half. I watched so many people walk in with a confused look on their face and walk back out because there was no pounding music, the lights were up, and there was a lot of people just standing around and...*gasp*...talking.

But of course the lights eventually went down, the pounding music started, and the disco lived once again. The drinking continued.

2002-08-01 01:47:58 ET

almost as weird(altho this is weird!!!)
it's funny how it's almost 4am and 3 Portland area SK members have posted in the past 20 min.....


2002-08-01 03:03:22 ET

I want to move to Portland....sigh...

2002-08-01 04:45:36 ET

I am against talking and socializing.

2002-08-01 07:38:18 ET

damn ... my car is cracking up on me again :/
leaking and burning antifreeze, so there was so fun or driving for me last nite - hopefully tonite i can get out to Unterzone.

2002-08-01 10:33:19 ET

no unterzone girlie


it is no more

2002-08-01 11:44:54 ET


2002-08-01 16:31:04 ET

yep we got closed down due to management issues and we didnt make enough to justify the mgmt isues..

its supposed to be a monthly thing but im not sure about when that happen.

2002-08-01 16:31:57 ET

geddammit :(

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