2002-08-02 17:29:23 ET

The rev and I walked around town today. I deposited my check and scampered over to both Ozone stores. I picked up both of the albums metioned in the previous entries and looked longingly at And One, Dance or Die, and Pzykobitch disks. My music habit is getting worse because I feel I need new music for Sykoradio.

Sorry Bio, I still can't get myself to spend $22.95 on a new cd. *ponders ebay again.

I'm a cheese-ball, yes.

I think we are going to see Signs tonight.

2002-08-02 17:31:14 ET

maybe we should set up a support group for sk.net musicpurchaseaddicts.

2002-08-02 17:35:44 ET

i'm bad but i don't think i'm that bad yet.

(in denial)

2002-08-02 17:36:32 ET

::wastes so much money::

eBay rocks it... used bins rock it ...

Or make a friend with some one who gives you free And One discs! :D

2002-08-02 17:36:54 ET

denial, is of course, one of the most manifest symptoms of the problem!

2002-08-02 17:39:28 ET

that's a good idea Bio, but i want to be the "good guy" that actually supports the bands i play. i have more stuff i could incorporate into my show, but the problem is that they're all burns.

2002-08-02 17:41:23 ET


I like bands. .. but sometimes I can only afford used.

2002-08-02 17:44:45 ET

i have to be a picky and choosy about what i buy because i can't afford much...and nothing is wrong with used.

2002-08-03 20:30:16 ET

pyshco bitch is awesome..

if i had the money i would buy cds.. but im poor...


2002-08-03 20:52:22 ET

::pops in::

Pzycho Bitch.

And yes, they r0xx0rz.

2002-08-05 13:44:42 ET

I have i.s.t., spot, and virgin superstar. If you want I'll burn them for you and mail um? pzycho bitch have not heard of?

2002-08-05 13:47:10 ET

Oh also how was signs? I really wanna see that! Just got my new student id so I should get a discount:)

2002-08-05 23:32:22 ET

Pzycho Bitch is new. i wish this site was in English: http://www.kaanbalik.com/main/PB/index.htm .

thanks for the offer for the burns but like i said, i try to play bands that i actually own albums from. Pzycho Bitch is one of the few exceptions just because they are too great to hold back from the public.

i totally forgot that i work this week on Thursday, so no radio show. :(

Signs was good. i don't think it's an Oscar winner by any stretch, but it was suspenseful (just the way i like my movies).

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