2002-08-03 22:28:51 ET

I just got back from checking on the store a little while ago. Stupid Sonitrol (our security company) has been calling if they hear the slightest peep by the doors. I know they fucked up the last two times we've been broken in to, but I think they're being a little too jumpy. I trotted down there to find NW 23rd still in full bar party swing so it probably was just some loud drunks outside the store. I wish they would just call us if they hear something that actually sounds like someone trying to break in, you know, like LOUD thudding or shattering glass.

Ewww. I found out today that a friend of mine is in the hospital because of a nasty bacterial infection in his stomach. It got out of hand and ate a hole, pouring acid into his body. He barely got the paramedics called. He was rushed to the hospital and had an emergency operation. He's in the clear now but laid up for the next few days there. Poor guy...

Time to go to bed soon...

2002-08-03 23:15:20 ET

dear god.. i hope he will be ok..

2002-08-04 18:17:45 ET

seems like the store is broken into a lot--must have some kick ass Jesus statues in there!

2002-08-04 18:30:47 ET

it's happened twice in the two years i've worked there. i don't know if it happend prior to that.

thanks ophelia, i'm sure he will be.

2002-08-05 08:56:26 ET

it isnt anyone i should be concerned about?

2002-08-05 08:56:56 ET

let me rephrase that... is it anyone i know?

2002-08-05 16:45:15 ET

yeah maybe, but he's someone that cares not for the pdx piggies and probably does not want them to care about him.

2002-08-06 06:16:26 ET

re: stomach ouch!

2002-08-06 15:04:26 ET

well if its anyone you know i know and care about just email me


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