O.O v2.0
2002-08-08 22:55:00 ET

I brought work home tonight. I didn't start on it till late. What was I thinking? I'm rearranging and renumbering the sticker book because I got many new style in over the last two days and I'm discontinuing many that I can't order anymore. Sooo tired now.

I'll probably have nightmares that I'm being buried under a stack of Coop devil girl and Shag tiki stickers while being chased by a smoking bunny tonight.

At least I do get to add it to my time card..

2002-08-09 08:23:35 ET

dija get any of the CooP "nun" stickers in???

some low-life pulled mine of of my car!!!

2002-08-09 08:37:59 ET

yeah i have those. i almost didn't because i thought they would be a little too risque for the store. but my boss told me to go ahead and order them.

stupid people that try to pull stickers off of cars...>:(

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