The Weekend
2002-08-11 13:21:04 ET

I feel like such a heel. I made arrangements with work to have Saturday and Sunday off for once to do two things:
Sat- go to Das Beach
Sun- go to a friends wedding.
I did neither one of those things.

Instead, I went to another friend's house to drink and listen to my friend Web spin music till dawn. It was no biggie that I missed Das Beach, though it would have been nice to get out of town and go to the coast.

When I got home at 8am this morning I went online to find out where exactly the wedding was going to be, something I should have done weeks ago when I first got the invite. Had I done that then I would've known to arrange a ride because it was very far away on the other side of town. There was no way I was going to deal with taking Tri-Met on Sunday schedule out to 122nd and Powell on next to no sleep at 9:30am. I feel bad. I was, after all, the reason these two people met. Flashback two years ago, my birthday party, Jake and April meet and hook up.

Hopefully everything went smoothly for them today and no one is mad at me for being a flake.

2002-08-11 13:29:44 ET


2002-08-11 13:34:24 ET

a page just isn't complete till you have pics of your cats on it.

2002-08-11 18:28:43 ET

you skipped the wedding?? Free booze girl, what you thinkin'?!

2002-08-12 09:27:04 ET

nothing like a little 'me' time

2002-08-13 09:37:46 ET

*hic* "oopsie!" ;)

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