Home for Lunch
2002-08-14 12:30:53 ET

Oh no! I can't do my show again this week. We have to attend a lucheon with the Rev's family tomorrow afternoon. I guess it's ok though. The other machine with the mp3 library is down for now (motherboard problems).

Now eating: Campbell's Home Cookin' Chicken Noodle Soup

2002-08-14 12:47:22 ET

:( sorry tell Rev I said "howdy" Have fun though...is anyonoe gonna take your slot?

2002-08-14 13:25:47 ET

your food choice is a big step compared to what im eating.blegh

2002-08-14 15:48:41 ET

i will vas. :)

i don't know if anyone is. i haven't put out an announcement on the yahoo group. my slot is up for grabs though if you want it. hopefully nothing will come up next week that will prevent me from doing my show. oh well, all the more music i'll have then.

2002-08-14 15:58:20 ET

:D Well I just wanted to start an hour early at 7 PM EST.

2002-08-14 16:17:12 ET

go for it!

2002-08-14 16:20:05 ET


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