No, I'm Not a Nice Person
2002-08-19 17:16:47 ET

So I have determined today who will die first if I ever go criminally insane. There is this woman I see on 23rd and around the neighborhood spare changing regularly. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this. But, she has children with her, a baby strapped to her chest, a toddler in a stroller, and a 4 or 5 year old following along. FUCK! It makes me sick to see her obese ass and her spawn. What's even worse is that I sometimes see her husband(?) tagging along behind her or sometime sitting with her and the kids at a bus stop counting the $$$$ fools have given her. His fat and lazy ass is second.

What is this lifestyle teaching their children? With WIC, food stamps, and other social services, what could they possibly be spare changing for? Drugs? Hes a big strong looking guy, why is he not at least doing some sort of labor work? Why hasn't the child protection agency taken these kids from them yet?

And yes, I have more pity for the street kids and homebums.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

2002-08-19 17:19:13 ET

Make sure you vomit in the toliet...I'd like to take some of those homeless kids and make em join the military...get a job and see what it is like to work and so they can learn how to conduct their affairs properly.

2002-08-19 17:24:17 ET

heh, i've seen army guys talking to spangers before, possibly trying to recrute.

2002-08-19 17:34:45 ET

haha .... well I can see that happening judging by some of the people I run into...oh wait they are just hicks.

This would be a perfect entry for you to post your 'HAPPY" pic

2002-08-19 17:34:46 ET

I wanna be a gypsy

2002-08-19 17:46:52 ET

Hates any and all spangers with a burning passion.... BLEGH on all of them

2002-08-19 20:18:15 ET

panhandleing is one thing...but to bring yr kids along while you do it--well then, that's just trashy!

2002-08-19 21:14:44 ET

i disagree. im sorry. as a person who would be homeless if it wasnt for the government!who is supposed to watch the kids when she goes begging? maybe they dont have a home? WIC does not pay very much.they dont pay day care.its against the law to leave yours kids at home alone until theyre 13. and i get 97 dollars a month in food stamps. try and live off that! Im sure they cant afford the toilettries that it would take to make them pretty and clean smelling enough to go to the gym if they could even afford a gym membership to slender down they fat asses.whAt people never take into account is the governmanet may pay a measly amount for food and rent but what about toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent and coins for the washer/dryer, cleaning supplies, electric, phone,shampoo, diapers etc. AT LEAST THEY HAVE EACH OTHER! everyone on this earth deserves a decent life and personally i would kill ignorant selfish vain yuppy millionaires who are so oblivious to what these peoples lives are really like. perhaps the husband is retarded or mentally disabled and im sure if that woman has an infant ties to her chest with the situation shes in is suffering some kind of post pardum depression etc. these people need help and a break but my point being maybe you are right but drugs are expensive maybe they are druggies. everyones situation is different and that definitely needs to be taken into account and then helped the best way possible for that persons situation not a cookie cutter approach, dont JUDGE a book by its cover till you know all the faCTS.

2002-08-20 05:01:42 ET

I still think placeing children in that sort of situation is fuckt up moonglow...sorry, but it's unhealthy and dangerous and I don't see a reason for it

2002-08-20 18:40:54 ET

exactly blacbloc.

what disturbs me more is that they are probably using their children for the pity factor. shame on them. if anything, i'd rather see the guy (by himself 'cause i've never seen him do anything other than count the cash)begging for money and leave the wife and kids at home.

highly personal fact about me: i was homeless and pregnant once years ago. what did i do? i got rid of it. hell, Planned Parenthood practically paid for the procedure. hmmm...i've also heard that they will perform male sterilization for under a hundred dollars for the economically challenged.

i do not believe in bringing a life into this world if one can barely feed one's self. plus i support the highly unpopular belief of population control. breeding is something people consider a right, and abuse it. meanwhile, resources dwindle, earth and air become polluted, and various species of flora and fauna become extinct. fuck that.

2002-08-20 22:31:52 ET

i never said was pro life. at 33 i dont plan on ever having children. i agree theres tooo many damn people here already. i dont agree with begging either. i agree with not bringing people into this life if you cant take care of yourself-emotionally or finacially. and yeah they now have three kids so he should be fixed. i didnt mean to seem so pissed its just ive been so discriminated against in the cookie cutter approach way and i think theres gotta be a story behind everyone. some of them are probably just stupid and should be shot. i believe in nuclear war believe me i wish sadam would just push the button at least it would clean up the earth of people for awhile and then the deserving could come back and enjoy all the hard work like all the skyscrappers that it took tons of men to build and all the clothes etc. now im comepletely off subject, im sorry you had to give up for adoption. i would adopt if i were to have a child thats the only way id do it but unfortunately they wont give a child to me with my pyschiatric history but im trying to change that so maybe someday......intense!i wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph washu!

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