2002-08-26 17:38:26 ET

Ack! My little sis got a deadjournal. Nooooooooo! She should be here in our loving community. I'm kind of worried about her, she has confessed a love of Marylin Manson. Did my disc of uber-elite music that I sent her have no effect? Did Gloria (my stepmother) really let her buy Antichrist Superstar? I remember when I was a teen living with my dad and her, I came home with a cassett of Love It To Death by Alice Cooper. She made me return it. Later she conficated all my Led Zeppelin and a Guns and Roses tape. (give me a break, I was 15 at the time) On that note I'll give my little sis a break too, and pray that MM is just a phase.

Anyway, for everyone's enjoyment:

-originally posted by Telal. I thought it needed to be reposted for all those that may not read his journal.

np:Haujobb-Homes and Gardens

2002-08-26 17:39:58 ET

I always liked Manson. Mostly the lyrics.

2002-08-26 17:43:09 ET

Interesting I was into Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, KMFDM, Queen and GNR in 7th grade... Manson is not all bad. a doorway into good music as long as you are not too obcessed. Then again I manage to listen to both Noisex & Morrisey...

2002-08-26 17:48:46 ET

I listened to Limp Bizkit for like.. 5 minutes in 6th grade.. everything after the song Faith was utter CRAP.

Im a hardcore Manson fan [[:waits for all the SK people to attack:]].. but yeah.. some Manson fans are over assertive.. but then, so are fans of many many different bands...

2002-08-26 17:52:35 ET

Manson dissed Morrisey. Morrisey is h4rdk0r3 no one disses Morrisey.

2002-08-26 17:54:55 ET

:lol:.. Im lame, and have never listened to Morrisey.

2002-08-26 17:59:06 ET

The Smiths...

2002-08-26 20:59:29 ET

washu has a lil sister? ::thinks bad thoughts:: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!.......::hides::

2002-08-26 20:59:50 ET

must save lil' sis!!!!

2002-08-26 21:00:38 ET

i have three little sisters, two are teenagers.

2002-08-26 21:01:18 ET

I have two teenage cousins...one is too far gone but I still think I can save the younger one:D

2002-08-26 21:13:45 ET


2002-08-27 12:14:45 ET

If you read the entry.. that whole thing was from Telal, I think...

2002-08-27 12:16:09 ET

Or there's the possiblity that Im stupid and didnt read right.

2002-08-27 12:28:13 ET

nah, i think he found that story on-line. reading it the first time certainly made my day brighter, so i had to share.

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