2002-08-27 18:01:03 ET

I came up with a great idea for my show this week. Someone on the PIG list challenged the djs at one of the clubs here in town to play nothing but music that has been made after 2000, no oldies. I'm sure they just ignored his comment and proceeded to play the same old shit. Well, I'm rising to the challenge. This Thurday's show will be two hours worth of post y2k music.

Don't miss the electro/industrial/synthpop madness!

2002-08-27 18:02:49 ET

thats a great idea, one i try to do when doing live sets, sept i try to keep it within the 'last 4 years' range.. not alot of stuff older than 97-98 if i can help it..

i cant wait to hear it tomorrow.. your shows always kick ass

2002-08-27 18:05:42 ET

i don't mind playing older stuff of course. i don't let it rule my shows though.

um burn, tomorrow is Wednesday. :P

2002-08-27 18:06:04 ET

Share your great knowledge with us oh WASHU..

2002-08-27 18:07:45 ET

oh yeah..

it is wednesday tomorrow..

ever since ive been out of work, i forget what days are next..

mainly cause im no longer quoting dates and looking at calenders all day long

2002-08-27 18:11:41 ET

yeah, to quote Primus:

"the weekends don't matter 'cept you get to hang out with your workin' friends"

...or something like that...

2002-08-27 18:12:24 ET

yey for primus!!

2002-08-27 18:13:46 ET

couldn't resist.

np: Pork Soda

2002-08-27 18:28:10 ET

hahaha I used to LOVE my Primus Tshirt in High School. I still own pork soda and frizzle fry. I sold Tales from the Punch Bowl, though.

2002-08-27 18:30:26 ET

Tails from the Punch Bowl wasn't that great. i sold it off too. i still have Pork Soda and Sailing the Seas of Cheese.

2002-08-27 18:31:13 ET

Seas of Cheese was a really great album. I just never ended up owning it.

2002-08-27 18:33:02 ET

ive got 2 primus videos, one has all of their music videos up through frizzle fry, and the other was a bunch of live songs from a tour when 'the brown album' was put out..

they RULE

and ive still got my copy of sailing the seas of cheese

2002-08-27 18:35:25 ET

i need a copy of Frizzle Fry, i always liked it. same with Misc. Debis.

2002-08-27 18:36:26 ET

yeah, mics debris has the best cover of 'making plans for nigel'

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