Not Happy
2002-08-28 18:25:24 ET

All day today I have been weighing the idea of deleting this journal. Some of you may or may not have noticed the Reverend Dj RaZorslave is missing from He was deleted without notice due to a disagreement between him and our administrators. Syko, Moxie, I love you guys but this is not cool. By getting mad about some petty drama that would probably blow over in a day or so, you've created more.

This whole situation does not make me comfortable to be here and this was going to be my official statement of resignation from The only thing making me question whether or not to leave is the fact that I have made friends through this thing and my little sis has just rejoined the community.

She-who-will-not-be-named can live in her happy little world knowing that the big bully that made two neither here nor there comments on her page is gone. I made one comment about taking chances with what you post and how someone may say something about it that you may not want to hear. Nothing bad, I just simply stated the truth. She deleted my comment without even the slightest argument. I'm guilty by association I guess. I hope she's happy.

I don't feel comfortable speaking my mind.

2002-08-28 18:37:16 ET


2002-08-28 18:38:31 ET

oh, i'm so sorry! and just when i rejoined, don't leave...i know if you do, it'll be on your own personal grounds, but, i love you! [ eh, sorry ] be happy!

2002-08-28 19:03:11 ET

Well Washu I hope you make the right decision. I will miss you if you leave. Really I would. Your knowledge and kindness adds alot to and would be missed among other qualities if you were to leave.

2002-08-28 19:13:35 ET

I don't know the situation but you shouldn't take things so personally. Friends or not, there's a TOS. Syko is one of my bestfriends and she would deactivate me if I did anything to violate the TOS. I don't think you should delete your account ..

2002-08-28 19:19:55 ET

Gyro loves j00! :)

2002-08-28 20:18:11 ET

i'd duct tape you to a chair to get you to stay, but you know i wouldn't force you to do anything against your wishes and beliefs. i know you'll make the best decision for *you*.

*HUGS* luckily, i still get to hang out with you and the Rev here in town :)

2002-08-28 20:30:16 ET

noooo, don't go!!! :( :(

2002-08-28 22:35:03 ET


2002-08-28 22:38:37 ET

after dealing with three days worth of this girl not dropping the subject and making references to him he posted this. it was not in violation of TOS. it was not harassment. he did nothing to draw her attention to it. he just ranted. shit like this goes on all the time here. big deal. we just get more attention because we're mods.

i don't want to go, but this sucks.

2002-08-28 22:50:28 ET

oh yeah, if he was asked to delete the entry regarding her, i think it's only fair that she be asked to do the same.

2002-08-28 22:58:46 ET

one more thing...

this is done.

2002-08-28 22:59:52 ET

Truth be told after reading the TOSs and watching (I can think of one person who set someone off for something I think was nothing). I never really speak my mind to much or make some (ok alot) of the jokes I would, because I don't want to get anyone worked up (I have a pretty bent sense of humor and anyone who really knows me would tell you I keep it really tame on here, plus the fact that there are some really young kids).

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