2002-08-31 08:32:50 ET

Well not yet. I have to work nine hours today...mildly hungover. we went out last night with Dj Burn, DevoiD,Dj Damn It and facelesskiss welcoming some new people to Portland. Lots of pool was played and beer was consumed. Luckly not too much so I don't feel too bad.

Off to w3rk now.

2002-08-31 08:42:24 ET

that's a shitty feeling I know all too well!

2002-08-31 08:49:25 ET

have fun at work : P
nine hour days do stink!

2002-08-31 08:53:23 ET

"Off to w3rk now"

off to me now??

jk that was lame sorry :)

2002-08-31 10:01:45 ET

So, if I were to move back to my birthplace, would you welcome me home? :)

and I can sympathize on working with a hangover.. I've done that more times than I can count, when I was still working as a cook.. nothing sucks more than being hung over while standing next to a 700 degree oven.. heh.. I've got the scars to prove it :)

2002-09-01 14:17:45 ET

i had fun..

was very drunk / stoned by the end of the night..

we will have to do this more often..

and BTW, im heading by your place to pick that up after 7.30 or so

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