Small Work Related Rant
2002-09-01 17:45:17 ET

Today was my Tuesday. It wasn't too bad. Not too many of the customers made me want to kill them. The only exception being the fucking yuppie couple that couldn't read.

I have three signs up telling people if they would like to see the nice oversized art books on top of the selves, to please ask for assistance. I'm really uptight about the dust jackets on these books getting messed up, and people reaching totally over their head to put the book back will fuck it up. They took a book down themselves and looked perturbed when I asked them to give the book to me when they we're done with it. After this I put up a forth sign saying "no really, we insist. please ask for assistance with the oversized books".

What are worse are the people who will look at a $40+ hardcover book and let the cover droop down. I wince and yell at them about this. It will break the binding.

But anyway, enough of me going off about something nobody ever thinks about. I tend to do that a lot.

I wish Ron and John would send me and Mateo out on a buying trip. It's lots of work but I'd love it. I'd get paid for not being at the store for once.

2002-09-01 17:50:11 ET

people are just big annoyances

2002-09-01 18:35:48 ET

Next time they do that, tell em to book it out of there

2002-09-01 18:44:44 ET

or make em' buy it

2002-09-01 21:29:01 ET

There is a lot of shit at work that just bugs the hell outta' me--then I take a step back and think 'does it really matter?', not really. Just a sign of someone who works too much--lol!

2002-09-02 17:50:58 ET

i think everyone has there little 'eehhhh' things, honestly, that would bug me too, probably because i am a perfectionist.

p.s.- getting dad anything for his birthday? hah

2002-09-02 17:52:35 ET

oh god! it's that time again. no, probably not.

2002-09-02 17:55:38 ET

lol, we're sending alyssa some money so she can buy him a wal-mart gift card, i find it hilarious.
but its not worth getting him anything else, since he doesn't even have a home, he just lives in his truck.

2002-09-02 18:00:43 ET

maybe i'll get him a card from work. i think it'll be the most he's ever gotten from me.

from his truck! lol! for crying out loud, he's a chiropractor . we were robbed i swear.

2002-09-02 18:05:43 ET

ah, a card would be nice. i bet he would be really surprised, you'd have to send it to alyssa of course.

lol, we were robbed, but nothing good ever came out from him being a chiropractor either....ah, i try not to think about it.

2002-09-02 18:07:27 ET


2002-09-02 18:10:21 ET

pm me her current addy. i don't know if i have it.

2002-09-02 18:11:03 ET

*imitates thereaper*

2002-09-02 18:17:43 ET

hi thereaper from Ft Waste, IN

hi Nowonmai

2002-09-02 18:25:39 ET

Woohoo! I am happy to be noticed :)

You are familiar with where I am from, eh?

2002-09-02 18:28:48 ET

yes, i spent two hellish years there in my teens.

2002-09-02 18:30:25 ET

lol. Sorry I missed ya ;-)

Didn't like it huh? I can understand that. Lots of people here share your sentiments :)

2002-09-02 18:36:00 ET

i saw why Stephen King a Peter Sruab made it horrible pit in the Talisman. hated every minute...

2002-09-02 18:39:24 ET

Just out of curiousity, why don't you like it so much?

2002-09-02 18:49:25 ET

back then, i was an angsty teen. i spent everyday wishing i was back in Green Bay, Wi. nowadays i'm just spoiled by living in cities that have a night life or life in general. if i remember right, downtown Ft Wayne is completely closed by 5pm.

i do remember it showing some attempts at life when a little independant record shop opened across from the downtown library. i don't remember it's name.

2002-09-02 19:11:46 ET

Aha, subteranean, right?

Yeah, Downtown has been dead for a while

Clubs have been opening up lately....we have quite a few now (I have never been a clubber, so I don't really care) some bars and stuff.

The Mall is always popular.

I dunno. What do you like to do on evenings?

2002-09-02 19:23:16 ET

yeah, Subteranean sounds right.

i remember there is a little bar strip that's about a block or two long downtown.

the last time i was there for any length of time, my ex and i would buy alcohol and and drink on the platforms at the old train station. we'd also walk the tracks to get downtown from my mom's neighborhood up by the old International Harvester factory.

currently i like to go to clubs that play decent music. the more current electro/industrial the better. i like to dance and drink...or sit home on the computer.

2002-09-02 19:33:24 ET

I dunno what kind of music the clubs play, but we have quite a few here. Pierres happens to be "one of the best in the midwest" so I've been told. They get some popular acts in there sometimes.

2002-09-02 19:41:37 ET

Popularity has nothing to do with me going to a certain club. if i was stuck again in Ft Wayne i'd wind up going to the only gay bar in town and hide from all the people i knew from Garret.

i think Pierre’s patrons forget that Chicago and Minneapolis are also in the midwest and probably have much better clubs to boast about.

2002-09-02 19:46:17 ET

lol, the quote "One of the best in midwest" was taken from a commercial that claimed people from detriot and chicago and other places come to FW to go to Pierres.

I'm just talkin about the club scene in fort wayne, lol, not trying to sell you on how great everything is. It suits me, but I know that a lot of people aren't going to like it here.

2002-09-02 19:51:39 ET

i know you're not. lol, i'd have to be paid well to move back to Ft Wayne.

2002-09-03 08:52:41 ET

GRRRR, death to the mistreaters of books...

I actually broke off a relationship with a girl who did so horrendous things to litterature.

Does the bookshop have a website? (if I missed it, sorry just in a mood to glance and comment)

2002-09-03 15:41:32 ET

3 Monkeys is a gift shop. and no, we don't have a website. we used to.

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