I Want To Work
2002-09-03 15:39:17 ET

I want to work. I like to work.
I work every day.
Work is good for me.
Do you work?
I'm happy at work.

2002-09-03 15:40:18 ET

I am happy at work too. I love work!

2002-09-03 15:42:11 ET

i'm fixated on work.

2002-09-03 15:42:26 ET

hum...is it that good? Wow..

2002-09-03 15:47:00 ET

i'm happy at work too.

i'm at work right now.

without work, i wouldn't grace such a place like sk as much....

2002-09-03 15:47:49 ET

i love work i want to spend every waking moment working!

2002-09-03 15:47:58 ET

not really. my work is bright and colorful, but i can't stand being there anymore. that nice little poem came off of a post card that i sell. it has a picture of a guy passed out with a bottle of beer and a full ashtray.

2002-09-03 15:48:13 ET

Bah. Work has brainwashed everyone.

2002-09-03 15:48:38 ET

oh ..well I was serious I love work! In fact I just came from hanging out at work :) Washu you should come work with me!

2002-09-03 15:49:32 ET

i wish i could vas, but you're kind of on the wrong coast.

2002-09-03 15:49:35 ET

work is better then sex or beer.

2002-09-03 15:50:01 ET

void, you worry me.

2002-09-03 15:51:02 ET

really, it's so great.

i want to marry my office desk.

2002-09-03 15:53:18 ET

*starts getting unwanted pictures in her head about Void Humanoid doing bad things to his desk.

2002-09-03 15:57:49 ET

I am not on the wrong coast You are on the wrong coast..I mean what kind of person lives on the frontier (West) side of the USA..gollly lady

2002-09-03 15:58:32 ET

hey, my desk always consents...

so it's not bad, weird maybe, but not bad.

2002-09-03 16:01:01 ET

but Vasa, everyone knows that with the exception of California, the west coast is best.

2002-09-03 16:02:23 ET

haha..keep telling yourself tat! I pick civilization over the frontier anyday ! :fist:

2002-09-04 08:56:35 ET

i hate my work.

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