Adventure In Seattle
2002-04-28 20:52:14 ET

So as an early birthday gift to myself I went to Seattle on Friday to see Haujobb, VNV Nation, and Converter.

12:30pm-I wake up and start getting ready to leave
3:00pm-get paid from work and go deposit my check
3:30pm-arrive at the train station and buy a return ticket to Portland
4:00pm-meet up with Michelle and Kiisu who were my ride to Seattle
5:00pm-on I-5 north
6:45pm-hit the worst of the traffic jams. A semi had jack-knifed on I-5 south and had hit some of the concrete barriers onto I-5 north. We had to detour.
8:45pm-We finally pulled up in front of the Catwalk
9:00pm- 1:30am-was spent enjoying the show, chatting with friends and acquaintances, working on getting drunk, and harassing some passed-out rivethead
1:30am-caught a ride to Bad Juju, a rocker bar up by Musicwerks and met up with my friends Shelby and Heather
1:40am-pounded two pints of Mirror Pond Pale Ale when I found out beer-thiry was at 2:00...this was not a good idea...
3:00am-discovered watching anime with sub-titles is not easy when stinking drunk
4:00am-passed out cold at Shelby's place...

Enough with the timeline…

We all woke at 10:30am. I was massively hung over. I think I mixed too many beers. eeewww...

As sick as I was I still wanted to go to Musicwerks and get a certain cd. Before that though we decided to go to a IHOP for breakfast. I sat in the restaurant fighting my nausea the entire time. I managed to get some apple juice and hash browns down. When it came time to pay our checks the manager was counting down the till. I was forced to wait nearly 20 minutes before I could pay for my meal. After I paid my check I promptly went outside and "refunded" the hash browns and apple juice in the flower bed.

By 4:00pm I had gotten my cd and headed to the train station. I was on my way home at 5:25pm. Instead of sleeping on the train like I intended, I watched The Count of Monte Cristo. Still slightly hung over, I arrived at home by 9:30pm happy to be back in Portland.

2002-04-29 04:03:01 ET

i wish i lived somewhere with a good 2002 concert season.
unfortunately, toronto appears to suck so far this year, with nothing remotely interesting announced.
ah well!

2002-04-30 07:01:20 ET

What do you want for your birthday?!


2002-05-01 08:18:37 ET

You don't have to get me nothing. But if you must, world peace?;)

2002-05-05 08:11:23 ET

....World Peace...World Peace...Well, I'm not sure if i can...but i'll try my hardest!
I'm still going to get you something wether you like it or not!
I'll Be 17 In 5 Weeks! Yay!!

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