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2002-09-12 11:54:18 ET

I will be on in ten minutes. Simply click the link at the top 'o the page that says "radio".

2002-09-12 13:07:39 ET

I had to run out before but I did get to listen to Pigface. this stuff all under the great industrial umba rella? I like cleaner. Ah yes, I recall black lung.

it's funny, a lot of 'industrial' sounds like 'goth, but cooler electronics' or 'techno, but better sounds' to me. ;) Like, you could play some at a trance or goth club...but the songs would be better.

2002-09-12 13:14:11 ET

hmmm. for the most part, i'd say "yes". i remember when there were no sub-genres. i sometimes wish that it had stayed that way.

2002-09-12 13:15:31 ET

I don't know much, but I have noticed that anything assoc w/ panacea rocks my ass.

2002-09-12 13:16:35 ET

he was fun to watch live.

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