Fem Show Playlist
2002-09-12 14:25:23 ET

Femmy first hour:
Yma Sumac - Babalu
Die Form - Silent Order
KMFDM - Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away
Doubting Thomas - I.D.L.
Haujobb - Less
X-10 - Disgusting
Pigface - Ten Ground and Down
HMB - Everything
Pzycho Bitch - Range of Vision (yes, I finally got their cd)
Wumpscut - Tell Me Now
Amgod - Overlove
Manufacture - As the End Draws Near
Cleaner - Harey

Second Hour:
Black Lung - Downtime Disco Dementia
Ammo - Ghost Phalanx (panacea mix)
5F_55 - Makrobionik
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern - In Hell
B-TON-K - The Guide
Dance or Die - Worm
Coil - Windowpane
Clear Vision - Revenge (original demo)
Revolting Cocks - Linger Fickin' Good

I hope some of the songs played in the first hour proved that girl vocals do not ruin a song. :-P

2002-09-12 14:27:03 ET

I love female vocals...I listen to alot of Metal and other styles of music with Female Leads..nothing better than female vocals flowing over some heavy Chemical Beat or Pulsing Double Bass Drum Lick

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