Mobility Can Be Fun
2002-09-13 19:57:33 ET

The rev's mom let us borrow his dad's car today for grocery shopping and apartment hunting. I was the pilot since the rev's license is suspended. It was the first time I've driven in two years.

We promptly abused our rights and ate Chinese at the Golden Crown (aka Papa Smurf's House, it looks like a giant red capped mushroom!) and visited Uwajimaya, the mega oriental market in Beaverton. I couldn't resist picking up a copy of Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha on VHS while I was there.

After that we got down to business and got food for the next couple of weeks and drove around town taking down numbers for possible apartments.

I found out that I can still parallel park and I didn't get into any accidents. Bonus round!

2002-09-13 20:02:54 ET

did you take out any little old lady's crossing the street?

2002-09-13 20:04:45 ET

no. just nearly a few cars that pulled out in front of me. i got to be reminded just how badly some people drive.

2002-09-13 20:06:22 ET

yeah, people don't fucking pay attention to what they're doing--not only in driving but in general as well--that's why I refuse to get a cell phone!

2002-09-13 20:40:38 ET

Wow Washu I didn't know you didn't have a least you didn't kill anyone or disfigure any small children in the proccess of driving and if you did I hope you cleaned up your mess.

I don't want a cell phone becasue I don't want people at work calling me when I am away..

2002-09-14 18:41:07 ET

i hope you find an apartment soon! good luck, i hope you guys are doing ok!

2002-09-17 21:56:21 ET

did you guys get any good leads on apartments?

if not, we're moving out of this one, into a 3 bedroom here ! so i know there will be at least one apartment available, and i think a 1 bedroom just became available too

you should call the land lady josh should still have the number

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