Work (isn't this all I write about?)
2002-05-01 17:42:14 ET

Today was better than yesterday.

-late for a meeting at work
-John (the boss) was mad
-I got a write-up (I insisted. Why should I not although I manage one of the stores.)
-felt like a heel all day 'cause I can't seem to get out off bed more than forty-five minutes before work.
-the store didnít make lot's 'o $$$$

-got up at 9:00am and got to work early.
-John's not mad at me.
-all the customers were nice.
-not too many weirdos wandered in.
-some woman asked me what music was playing. I responded with pride, En Esch-Cheesy. She had me write it down.
-people bought a lot of cool but useless stuff.
-I realized I only have one more day of work before my seven day paid vacation. Wooooooooo...

2002-05-01 17:52:21 ET

you get to play en esch at werk?????

2002-05-01 18:58:55 ET

:gets a silly grin: yeah...

2002-05-01 19:55:37 ET

verrah nice!

have a damn fun time on your vacation! i know you deserve it!


2002-05-02 08:49:46 ET

have fun on your vacation!

En Esch is my older brother! :D

2002-05-02 17:46:08 ET

I'll have as much fun as I can sleeping in and forgetting I have to work retail for a living.

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