Live 365
2002-09-19 12:05:24 ET

I'm on right now. Click the link in my bio or at the top of the page!

2002-09-19 12:15:05 ET

Gad Danged 56k modem. I get to hear all of 30 second and then it takes a minute to laod again and start over giving me another 30 seconds of listening time. poot.

2002-09-19 12:21:15 ET

i wish i could wave a wand and *poof* everyone had high-speed internet just so they could listen. :-(

2002-09-19 12:46:21 ET

*listens in* ahhhhh, good shit, good shit, these speakers suck, i'm moving to the next comp

2002-09-19 12:58:02 ET

cool, havent listened to I parasite in awhile, great track.

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