2002-05-04 18:26:07 ET

I got to see Spider Man today. It wasn't bad.

I got a large Invader Zim doll. His head is grotesquely large compared to his body.

I was given many quarters to get Homies out of a vending machine. I got one of the chicas, yay!

I just drank a Celebrator - Fine Bavarian Double Bock. It was gooood.

2002-05-04 18:29:09 ET

finally someone that thought it "wasn't bad"

the people I went with tonight thought it was amazing. I had nothing against it but I certainly didn't think it was amazing

2002-05-04 18:34:03 ET

Typical special effects fun fest. With Sam Rami and Danny Elfman, how could it be bad? I'm happy comic based movies are getting larger budgets now.

2002-05-04 18:36:30 ET

I thought Xmen was done better though (I don't know too much about comic based movies however)
None the less, it was cool

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