2002-09-27 14:18:41 ET

I spent the rest of yesterday after my show with a nice dull headache and being sleepy from lack of. I wound up being very lazy and watching the original version of The Haunting. Much better than the remake, though I had to get over being annoyed by the crazy chick's constant dialog she was having with herself in her head. I liked the ending better too (she dies, sorry if I ruined it for anybody).

I watched the original House on Haunted Hill just a couple of days before that. It was good but it was more of a murder/suspense movie than horror. I noticed that Hollywood today has no problem at all killing 90% of a movie's cast while 30-40 years ago only the "bad guys" would get it and maybe one innocent victim.

Well, since I was lazy yesterday, I must do housework and not hang out today. Must start making this place look maintained so we get our deposits back. *booooooo*

2002-09-27 14:57:12 ET

hmmmm, that eternal struggle for the ol' deposit--I've never gotten mine back (LOL), tring to keep my place now as nice as possible for that reason!

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