Saturday Night
2002-09-29 18:00:15 ET

The sky finally broke late last night. I think our rainy season has begun. I like this time of year here, the cool (not cold), wet days. I got to watch tourists and west hills yuppies get drenched.

Last night I was kidnapped and forced to stay at a party. I told my ex-roommates that I turned into a pumpkin at 11pm because that's when the busses stop running. They told me that there was no way of me leaving unless I took the remainder of my stuff with me. Resigning myself to my fate, I went in search of the beer. They had a keg of Portland Brewing Oktoberfest. Very tasty!

The night consisted of drinking very good beer, standing around being musical elitists, being a game geek momentarily, a jell-o shot, and talking to lots of people I really like but don't get to see enough.

The Rev was stuck at work and nearly didn't make it. We stuck around for a couple more hours before he insisted on getting us a cab home. The ex-roommates let us call it a night at 3am and didn't make me take any of my stuff.

Currently listening to the new Aghast View album and trying to decide if it's totally as bad as I thought it was after the first listening. It's not so bad for the first few tracks but most of the remixes on the last half of the disc I could do without.

2002-09-29 18:32:29 ET

try forced's "cherephobia". a little techno-y, but nice dual harsh vocal stuff...the sick thing is it got my head moving and lately most ebm hasnt...

2002-09-30 12:40:14 ET


I guess they're still going in the same vein as Phaseknox, right?

2002-09-30 16:46:59 ET

hey! i liked Phaseknox a lot. giving it more of a listen, i found that the previously unreleased tracks could have stayed that way. the were just mediocre. the Tim Schuldt mix of Timeless is good, crunchy coldwave sounding. the remix of Fieldlights by Project X...*gag. the one other thing that makes the disc worth anything is the remixed Wumpscut song Offensive Default by Aghast View.

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