Poor Bored Weasel
2002-05-06 15:52:57 ET

I want to take him out today to a park and let him play in the grass, but it looks like the weather might get nasty soon. Since Stalin died all Ghengis does is eat, sleep, and shed. We need to get another baby ferret to keep him company as soon as we can afford it. Maybe I'll let him out so he can pick on the cats later.

2002-05-06 16:04:30 ET

aww, sorry....
My ferret Lucy died 8(?)monts ago, she was about 7 years old it was so sad, one of my dogs thought Lucy was her puppy, it was to funny, but even now LuLu still looks for her. LuLu sits and cries on Lucy's old sleeping pillow in the family room, and damn it make me cry when she does that.

2002-05-06 16:13:43 ET

Stalin died in Janurary. He is still in our freezer waiting to go to taxidermist. We want his skeleton mounted. It was a very sad day when he died. He was very sick with pnuemonia. He was only two.

2002-05-06 16:17:35 ET

oh, sad, they are such sweet little critters and good with kids when raised with 'em.

2002-05-06 16:21:21 ET

I like to get Ghengis worked up so he can do what we call the "ferret war dance".

2002-05-06 16:26:03 ET

haha, Lucy used to like to drag the toilet paper all over the house when I was gone and she had a thing for stealing money out of peoples pockets when they sat on the couch (but never when they sat on anything else). That and she slept with my little girl every night, ahh I miss her.

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