2002-10-04 02:08:42 ET

> There isn't not much that is truely original about
> it.

I don't really agree, but I'm too tired to argue right
now. Maybe tomorrow ;)

> Btw, I did tell them about your night, but not
> because I like you. :P

I like you... you just have bad taste in men ;) Erm, I
guess "man" is a bit generous.


how did a small arguement about electroclash evolve into a discussion about my taste in men? o.O

2002-10-04 04:54:06 ET

below the effin belt! lame lame lame

2002-10-04 12:08:38 ET

he's making a jab indirectly at the rev. it's the same guy who fired him from that Unterzone night. i really don't like him. :uzi:

2002-10-04 13:41:32 ET

argh! the rev sent him a private e-mail telling him essentially to grow up and he responded publicly. what a dumb-ass! the list dosen't need or care for his response.

2002-10-04 13:50:31 ET

Mmmmmkay. Don't you have a young fascist's meeting to
go to or something? Go blabber to your "everyone"
friends cuz you lot are "noone" to me. <yawn>

> lol... get your digs in at me where you can J****
> everyone already knows everything they need to
> about you... your pathetic, shallow and lacking in
> any real substance. If you feel the need to toss
> insults at me do it directly to my face, but this
> time please, at least try and meet my eyes...
posted publicly, i'm just keeping this for my own record. stoopid scene drama. >:-(

2002-10-04 15:33:02 ET

I REALLY can't stand that guy's shit-stained ego.

Even when i played that show at UNTER he did NOTHING as a promoter or "person in charge" to accomodate anything we needed to set up.

He's full of himself.

2002-10-04 15:50:39 ET


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