Being a Voice
2002-10-04 20:36:06 ET

live 365 discussion on why you listen to internet radio and why you broadcast if you are a broadcaster

Unfortunately you do have to log in to read the discussion.

Ugh! Remind me never buy an album by Pisstake. They are awful! I've been listening in on a basic brodcast of this station:
Industrial Noise - Hard-hitting Industrial, EBM, and Electro. ...

Some good stuff...

2002-10-04 20:55:06 ET

ugh! same for Zeromancer. :-P

2002-10-05 10:14:16 ET

Zeromancer is horrible!!!!
I got a free cd of theirs' at club...and NOBODY wants to take it from me :P

Also a manager of a small record shop I hang out at sent all the new Zeromancer cds back to Cleopatra because nobody wanted them..and it was just so god awful.

2002-10-17 01:09:39 ET

arrgh! i hate zeromancer
for some reason lotsa people in israel like them...

2002-10-17 01:26:51 ET

why do lotsa people in Israel like them? they are sooooooo bad. i don't understand.

*spoiled rotten on Klink, Haujobb, etc...*

2002-10-17 01:32:51 ET

i dunno!!! they SUCK!!
all the people who listen to industrial love them, and for some reason the metal crowd TOO!!! ugh!!

*spoiled rotten on Hocico,Winterkalte,Noisex,etc...* :)

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