2002-10-08 23:43:02 ET

I've been out of the apartment a lot for the last few days. Feels weird...

We went over to the Hinamon's house tonight. We had a great time picking apart Brotherhood of the Wolf.

On the way home we we're busted by undercover fare officers. We were just warned not to ever get busted again riding the Max without fare. Sucks. In the five years I've been here this has been the first time I've been caught. Damn it! Now I can never do it again. *sigh*

One more thing. I've been inflicting the masses with Kompressor for two days now. I keep thirty minutes worth in the player at work. It makes me happy to sing along with the Red Robot theme. I love having absolute power over the cd player. Krush!

Moving crunch coming. I am not looking forward to it.

2002-10-09 02:08:25 ET

Good luck with the move when it comes :) It will be less painful than you think :) I am the master of moving now I think..I have moved 5 times in the last 3 years .. including a move to and from Korea. Anyways, keep kurshing humans with Kompressor please :)

2002-10-09 06:51:58 ET

I love The Brotherhood of the Wolf!

I am awaiting to buy the Canadian 3disc dvd set opposed to the poor U.S. version where you only get 1 disc...yea i'm a disc whore =)

I awaited almost 2 yrs for that movie from the time i read about it's French release til' i got handed screener passes when it came to the states and the title was changed/translated from: "Le Pacte De Loupes".

what are your feelings on this movie?
I felt it delivered =)

2002-10-09 08:15:15 ET

brotherhood of the wolf=overrated, to loooong, and french on top of that (i really dont like french cinema)...

just got finished watching the omen. but have been in the mood for some texas chainsaw...and blade runner...

2002-10-09 08:24:16 ET

the cinematography is wonderful, the costumes are great, the dialoge was lacking (then again, we chose to watch it in English instead of French). over all the movie is fine as long as you don't look at it as anything more than an action adventure kung-fu flick. i've enjoyed it both times i've seen it. so the picking apart wasn't all me, it was people that was watching it with me last night.

2002-10-09 08:46:31 ET

good kung fu=crippled masters

2002-10-09 09:00:01 ET

good kung fu=crippled masters

-don't get me started!!!!! heheheh

fyi - i have the narrated Blade Runner DollFull on disc i can burn for ppl too...

I just got done watching the 1980's "FLASH GORDON"
Gawd the memories wrapped up in that movie.
I luv it.
still do to this day!
sooo campy...

2002-10-09 10:00:43 ET

heh...course that was a joke. i actually like the director's cut of blade runner a bit better...but thanks for the offer.
ever seen "flesh gordon".
also for some good cinematography...try "the devils backbone"...

2002-10-09 10:08:18 ET

the devils backbone
great movie!!!!

Flesh Gordon the 70's softcore classic?...hehehheh

too funny...too bad the sequel didn't deliver.

2002-10-09 20:40:14 ET

and if you havent seen "ran" by kurosawa shame on you...

2002-10-10 00:40:05 ET

what about Kagemusha the Shadow Warrior? i love that one. Seven Samurai is playing next month at Cinema 21.

2002-10-10 09:47:16 ET

kagemusha was edited to shit. it could have been a bit better...though they didnt get rid most of the humor of it. but if you want funny try yojimbo or sanjuro.
im probably going to go...it would be a treat to see seven samurai on the big screen...as well as some of the others.

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