My 1st Radio Show
2002-05-08 15:15:01 ET

And everyone but Sis and Lokichilde missed most of it!

For those curious as to what I played here:

1.Basil Poledouris-Anvil of Crom-Conan s/t
2.Implant-Fun-Soft Flesh, Hard Steel
3.VAC-Lysergia-Twisted Thought Generator
4.TKK-Martini Built For Two-Sexplosion
6.Aghast View-Shallowpoint-Phaseknox
7.The Klink-Moving Hands(tim schuldt mix)-End of the Line box
8.Revco-Attack Ships on Fire-Big Sexy Land
9.Download-Glassblower-Sidewinder ep
11.En Esch-Sweet Venus-Cheesy
12.Forma Tadre-Snake Charmer-Navagator
13.Hocico-Where Angels Don't Sing-Sangre Hirviente
14.Soma-Arcane-The Inner Cinema
15.B TON K-Lower You!-Novocain
16.Attrition-Cosmetic Citizen(stromkern mix)-The Hand That Feeds
17.Black Lung-Panic Squad Interruption-The Great Architect
18.Kompressor-Rappers We Crush-???
19.yelworC-Blood In Face(terror mix)-Blood In Face
20.Big Black-The Model-Songs About Fucking
21.Silke Bischoff-Shining Star
22.Node Out-Free To Wear Black-???

Next Broadcast???

2002-05-08 19:18:56 ET

And Damn it, they did miss out!
You ROCK!! wushu.

2002-05-17 11:11:03 ET

yeah I had to go just at the very beginning...:(

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