2002-10-09 18:36:02 ET

Looking back over the last few days I realize I forgot to mention that I got to go see Red Dragon on Monday. I loved it! And, I saw the preview to The Two Towers. Why can't it be December 3rd now? It's kind of embarrassing but out of overwhelming excitement over that movie, I cried during the preview.

I had the ferrets out to play a little while ago tonight. They truly "tussled" for the fist time. It was so cute. Arioch can totally take Ghengis down even though she is half his size. I think he lets her. Ah, ferret love.

2002-10-09 18:44:19 ET

TTT isn't til december 18 :/

i'm going to see Red Dragon partly to see the trailer on the big screen..! i've already downloaded it and watch it like every day on my computer :X

so many people have told me that they got chills during the ttt trailer. "I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.." looks like they're really dramatizing Gandalf's return! good, because it was sort of anticlimatic in the book.

*steps down off the Nerd Soapbox*

2002-10-09 18:49:41 ET

I'm insanely impatient for TTT as well.
I think owning ferrets is illegal in the state of Massachusetts?
But they are really cute ^_^
How do they get along with your mewz?

2002-10-09 18:49:45 ET

probably mixing up the dates with one of the other previews. thanks a lot for bursting my bubble! ;P

2002-10-09 18:52:10 ET

they get along fine. 'cept when Ghengis wants to chew on something and the cat is not smart enough to get away.

2002-10-09 19:12:23 ET

One of my friends goes to movies just to see previews of TTT

2002-10-09 19:32:13 ET

what other movies is it playing in? all i know of right now is Red Dragon.

2002-10-09 19:48:47 ET

I am not sure, he's in Scotland though.

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