2002-10-12 22:01:39 ET

Our housing issue may be solved soon. Or I at least hope so after how much $$$$ was spent on #@&%ing application fees! The rev and I applied today with three other people for a large house over in NE Portland, back in my old stomping ground of the Lloyd Center district.

Blah, I'm more tired than I thought I was. Time to go to bed soon. zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

2002-10-12 22:26:23 ET

I never understood aplication fees, 'yeah, let me give you some of my hard earned money for you to CONSIDER takeing more of my hard earned moeny'. It's a raw deal if you ask me.

2002-10-12 23:06:14 ET

oh good luck! sounds nice to live in a house, you can yell and be loud and even play the drums!

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