2002-10-13 17:18:16 ET

Damn it! We were turned down for the house without them even looking at the apps. I'm pissed. Luckly they didn't take the cash for the application fees. Start from square one again... >:-(

2002-10-13 18:18:25 ET

:( !!!!!something will work out soon;)

2002-10-13 19:40:49 ET

dammit ... i'm sorry hon. well, a big POOP on them; something even more fabulous will come along!

2002-10-13 19:46:42 ET

thanks! i did my homework on Oregonlive tonight so maybe we'll get some good leads.

2002-10-16 08:32:30 ET

<must find roomy for ex roomy>

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