2002-10-17 01:20:13 ET

It's after 3am. Why am I still awake? Better yet, how am I still wake?

I have to cancel the show for today. House hunting takes total precident over the show. Sorry kiddies, if I'm homeless that means the show won't go on. The shows might get a little sporadic for the next three weeks till i get this housing situation figured out. But hopefully in November I'll be back on schedule again. So anyway if any sykodjs want to fill in today...go for it.

2002-10-17 01:26:23 ET

i would fill in..but those goddamned time differecnes..im not even ure what time is it in here, so i have no damn idea whats the time at the us :\

2002-10-17 01:27:24 ET

well Washu I may start a bit early then...that sucks though. I like your show.

2002-10-17 01:32:00 ET

hmmm...i just checked. wow! you are 12:30 in the afternoon. you would have to be up in the middle of the night to fill in. some time difference!

2002-10-17 01:33:51 ET

oh, if i wouldnt work the day after, i would gladly do it.
i wanna do a show on the afternoons (which means midnight in here)

2002-10-17 01:37:57 ET

thanks vas. :)

start early. i won't post it on the yahoo groups.

2002-10-17 12:09:22 ET

my mp3 player autoswitched to sykoradio but you aren't on....:(

2002-10-17 12:09:32 ET

good luck with the housing hunt!

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