2002-10-23 18:10:01 ET

The rev messed up his computer last night by trying to install and run Mechwarrior 4. He doesn't have it fixed yet. I don't think I'll be doing my show tomorrow because that is the machine with the broadcasting software and sound capability. Fill ins? I did say sporadic last week. Bleh...

Gotta continue the housing search anyway...


The rev is home now trying to get his machine to work. Things are still looking bleak. Hmmm. maybe I'll just cancel all shows until after the first. Then I'll be back with a vengeance. :fist:

2002-10-24 02:29:29 ET

That last sentence is kinda punny, since Mechwarrior 4 is Mechwarrior 4: Vengence. lol

2002-10-24 10:07:54 ET

lol...i had no idea...

2002-10-24 12:58:26 ET

Yeah, you're a regular ol' punster!

2002-10-24 19:24:25 ET

Good luck with the computer, and ESPECIALLY with the house hunting!

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