2002-11-05 19:29:47 ET

I'm back. I'm moved. But I'm not fully unpacked. That's going to take a while.

2002-11-05 19:31:15 ET

the unpacking and the organizing part can be the stickiest, but a HUGE congrats on the new house!

2002-11-05 19:32:45 ET

you'll have to come and check it out.

2002-11-05 19:34:04 ET


2002-11-05 19:56:15 ET

welcoem back. I am movign next week myself ;)

2002-11-05 19:56:24 ET

ugh now the unpacking part.. moving sucks

2002-11-05 20:25:01 ET

i like the packing part better...

2002-11-06 06:28:50 ET

I'm still not totally unpacked. I need more bookshelves!

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