2002-11-07 14:52:52 ET

Taking a break right now. I got several of the nic-nac boxes unpacked (the easy part). There is so much more to do to make this place homier. I'll have to give everyone a virtual house tour after I get things more put away.

2002-11-07 16:38:51 ET

Unpacking, ACK!! Can be fun yet a pain in the ass at the same time! Good luck getting settled in. :)

2002-11-07 18:34:41 ET

i have been in my place almost a month now and i am still unpacking...but i need more shelves and a book case to put my shit out...thats prob why it is taking me so damn long...hehe

2002-11-07 18:42:09 ET

if i have nowhere to put something it will wind up staying packed in a box and live in the closet. thankfully this place has so much room putting stuff, lot's 'o odd nic-nac spaces built in. what i need is to go on a hunt for a couple of nice but cheap gigantic area rugs and a coffee table amongst some other fun things.

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