2002-11-08 16:16:57 ET

I just got home from doing my banking shtuff, did some fun shopping too.

*Md Invader Zim "Ride the Piggy" shirt
*Coil - Unnatural History Pt II
*Download - III Steps Forward

I want to listen to the cds bad but I must contact some friends about doing some laundry at their house before it gets too late.

2002-11-08 16:55:19 ET

you could come do it at my place! (laundry, i meant)

2002-11-08 17:19:01 ET

thanks for the offer, but you live on the other side of the country. i only have to walk three blocks to mi amigos.

2002-11-08 17:22:45 ET

yea, i guess that would make more sense...heh

2002-11-08 17:23:07 ET

haha that ride the piggy is so funny

i don't think ive seen the shirt, but ive seen the picture, very funny

2002-11-08 20:25:33 ET

I almost bought that Coil CD in real life today.

But it was used.
And for 12 dollars.
So it wasn't that much of a bargain.%^!#^!

2002-11-08 21:56:04 ET

i bought a new copy. it's so worth it. it has the discarded Hellraiser soundtrack on it. yum...drool...

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