Just as a reminder...
2002-11-11 00:09:50 ET

Which Wax Trax! Artist Are You?

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I've had Unnatural History II running at work all week so far. It's just twisting me further and I LOVE IT.

I talked to my mom and updated her on where I'm living, phone #, etc. I really wish she'd move away from Ft. Wayne, In. I'd be more happy if she was back in Michigan instead of that shit-hole. She told me about my little sis Gina telling her that they needed to save some of their leftovers from supper for me. Mom told her that they would taste very bad before I got to eat them. My goal for nrext year: get back at least as far as Chicago so I can see my grandma, meet my little sis I've never seen, and hug my mom.

Bedtime soon...

I almost forgot, I sold my favorite phallic Lava Lamp tonight. It's the one I'm licking in the pic. I was meaning to buy it after we moved. Too late now.

2002-11-11 08:18:34 ET

sigh...i got sister machinegun...guess thats what i get for working alone...never really listened to wax trax stuff in the first place.

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