2002-11-13 08:13:20 ET

I found a pic of me from Halloween, so new pic for the gallery.

I'm off to work in a few minutes. I get to do fun and fascinating things like balance my checkbook today. Possible SK.net donation going out if the account looks healthy.

2002-11-13 08:16:26 ET

nice pic..

2002-11-13 08:23:43 ET

would donate if i had the cash but it looks like i may have to take a small loan out till my next paycheck which seems so far away...damn early lease closing...

2002-11-13 11:29:39 ET

what were you? a gothy paper weight?

2002-11-13 14:57:15 ET


being broke sucks ass. i'm getting better hold of finances again, starting to feel not quite as broke. yay!

lol...gothy paper weight... no, demoness. it was a cheap costume. some stuff out of the back of my closet, some cheap wings from my work, and a pair of velcro devil horns and i was good to go. (if you look hard you can see one of the horns stuck to my arm)

2002-11-13 21:37:12 ET

lol@horn stuck to arm...
it takes forever to get back on track financially...im slowly regaining all of it...i stress slowly...

2002-11-14 12:00:11 ET

your leg is at a SCARY angle.

2002-11-14 12:11:59 ET

let's just say it's a talent of mine.

2002-11-14 16:32:00 ET

so how many drinks did you have before that picture was taken?

2002-11-14 17:02:20 ET

that's a good question...

2002-11-14 20:38:53 ET

need to drink soon...

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