2002-05-17 23:20:05 ET

Bad luck comes in threes right? I hope so. The first thing that happened was the rev nearly broke his little toe in a freak stubbing accident. The next was bad news regarded his income. Lastly, he is getting booted from his dj gig after his night on the 30th because of stupid club politics. He'll still be able to dj there but only as a fill in.

I know it's not my bad luck but it does affect me. >.<

2002-05-17 23:37:36 ET

aw shit! sorry bout all that. i was looking forward to dancing to the rev's musik.

2002-05-18 10:56:06 ET

dammit ... i'm sorry :(
here's to some goodluck all around and to some fun times ahead!


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