2002-06-08 20:31:54 ET

I spent the entire day sick. I had to miss work, I felt so shitty. It was partialy my fault. I foolishly accepted shots of Aftershock from an evil friend of the rev. I tried to refuse the shots because drinking hard alcohol that way ALMOST ALWAYS makes me really sick. But I gave in to peer pressure and look what happened. I hope Bradly had a worse hangover today. :P

2002-06-09 20:05:43 ET

geh, i'm sorry you got so ill. on the plus side, those "drunk" pics you & the Rev took turned out SO good! are you feeling any better today? hopefully Bradly was 'refusing' all those damn shots he bought himself and the rest of us ... if not, someone will have to fix him up next time!

2002-06-10 20:21:09 ET

you know bradley had a bad hangover!!

josh did, tj did, you did

you know he did

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