A little story...
2002-06-10 22:42:36 ET

My ex (Scooter) is a trim-carpenter by trade. He used to go out and do odd jobs for some extra cash.

He once was on a job with this guy from his full time work, Rex. Rex has a steel plate in his head from a motorcycle accident.

Rex had got them a job putting in a door at a dive bar on lower Burnside. Everything was going fine until Rex took a nail gun from the ground and accidentally shot himself in the elbow with it. He didn't panic. Instead he just turned to Scooter and showed him. Scooter, of course, was shocked and offered to take him to the hospital right away. Rex just told him no and asked him to pull the nail out. Scooter did it and Rex still refused to go to a hospital.

So a couple of weeks later Rex was wondering why he couldn't move his elbow and his arm hurt. He had developed an infection and had just ignored it. He did finally go to the hospital; damn lucky they didn't have to amputate.

A year later he was not paying full attention to his job and took off the tips of a couple of his fingers with a table-saw. I'm still waiting to read about him as a lucky recipient of a Darwin Award.

2002-06-10 23:30:04 ET


he sounds pretty uhhh...

not smart

2002-06-11 08:37:00 ET

I believe the PC term is Survival Challenged.


2002-06-11 12:46:42 ET

Not smart at all.

He once told Scooter and me that we needed a gun after he saw a little black boy ride by on his big wheel. He was helping us move stuff into our new house.

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