Be careful what you wish for.
2003-06-05 18:47:59 ET

I have officially joined the ranks of the unemployed. Partially out of choice, I had to choose between being laid off today or being on two weeks probation with a possible firing if I fucked up even once. So which looks better on an app, fired or laid off? It's for the better; I've been excessively burnt out on work lately and feel I need to take some time off to get my head back together. I'll coast for a little while on unemployment and foodstamps (if I can get 'em), maybe sign up for bartending classes, and try not to worry about money. Maybe I'll find some supplemental under-the-table work. Or...maybe I'll just cave and go work for Ozone UK if they can use me right now. Either way this may be a blessing. Maybe I'll eventually score a job with *gasp* insurance.

POW tonight at the Ash Street Saloon. Yay! I'm so glad they have a new venue after Satyricon closed.

Radio show tomorrow @ 5pm there or be square...

2003-06-05 18:54:24 ET

god this is like the 4th unemployment post ive read today

fuck this economy.

hope you find yourself another job soon

2003-06-05 18:58:51 ET



Well, if you get bored and want someone to look for jobs with, let me know.


2003-06-05 19:02:50 ET


i think i'm just going to enjoy a little breaky-poo.

2003-06-05 19:04:31 ET

Breaky-poo is good to a point...but from someone that's been out on the market too long, it's never to early to start looking.


2003-06-05 21:19:31 ET

welcome to the unemployment lines...since my job is seasonal, im generally in the same boat...except this week...
summer=recording time...

2003-06-06 10:16:07 ET

Oregon unemployment takes forever and a day! I'm still waiting to even get "approved". Grrrrrrr

2003-06-06 12:43:00 ET

wow...really. it only took...well that same day for me...

2003-06-06 16:36:49 ET

my bosses will not fight it. i'm going in on Monday.

so damn hot here today. bleh...

2003-06-06 21:20:37 ET

hot everywhere...even worse in a brick building without airconditioning...aka work.

2003-06-06 21:54:57 ET

well mine are not fighting it either.... but to get "approved" and for them to send you a check takes like 3 weeks. Bleh it sucks, a lot.

2003-06-07 05:52:11 ET

mine took about 2 weeks to get approved then the assholes did fight it about 3 weeks into it

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