2003-06-06 09:15:49 ET

I had problems at three in the morning trying to get my mp3 encoding software to work. I don't think it was recognizing the F drive that is my audio cd drive. Instead it insists on reading the G drive that is the DVD player. I think it's all a matter of me configuring drives but not being computer savvy someone is going to have to hold my hand and help me with it. So no new stuff got ripped last night. I went to bed tired, hot, and frustrated. I wanted to play my favorite track off of Back and Forth vol 6. *big sigh*

I need to get ready for the day and go get paid. I'll be home in time for my broadcast.

2003-06-06 09:45:26 ET

This is the best program I've found for ripping
CDex, I love it so much, once I found it I threw away all my MP3s and went about ripping them all anew.


2003-06-06 09:58:26 ET

IF your computer is not recognzing your drives you might need to AUTO DETECT them again in the BIOS setup. This is usually accesed as soon as your PC starts up by hitting DEL or F1 or something like that.

2003-06-06 16:38:12 ET

i'll try that. thanks vas.

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