2003-06-06 16:45:59 ET

I'm home late after running around town today. I heard it hit around 103 downtown today; I have yet to confirm that. I might forgo any show because it's so hot and I'd rather not have the machine on. Maybe I'll broadcast after I run to Fred Myers for a fan. Cross your fingers I don't have a sunburn in spite of the SPF 45 I was wearing.

2003-06-06 22:36:26 ET

103? damn! I need to watch the news... it sure felt like it while sitting in rush hour traffic with no air conditioning though.

2003-06-06 22:41:55 ET

i still did not confirm that and i bought the last box fan at the hollywood fred myers. i am evil. EVIL!

2003-06-06 22:45:13 ET

Oh the poor souls that will have to go elsewhere to get a fan! heh They were the lazy asses that didn't get there first..... survival of the fittest or should I say fastest?

2003-06-06 22:47:26 ET

the poor fan aisle looked raped. glad i had the urge to go when i did. what timing...

2003-06-06 22:49:07 ET

raped pillaged and plundered. Speaking of plundered, I want to see that new Pirates of the Carribian movie!

Sooooo off the subject.

2003-06-06 22:51:34 ET

i think i might of seen the preview. i don't watch tv currently. no cable, poor reception.

2003-06-06 22:53:32 ET

I didn't see it on TV, I heard it on the radio during my exceptionally long horribly hot drive home. I'm just excited because it has Johnny Depp in it. Speaking of hot........

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