Journal Overhaul
2003-06-10 01:31:30 ET

New galleries have been started. I'll be adding more pictures as I get them. I don't have my own camera so most new pictures will be from various friends. I uploaded a few pictures that were taken last night by my friend Adam for a school project or his portfolio or both (damn my fuzzy memory).

I still need to work on a new background, and maybe redo my bio. I need to get some sleep instead.

2003-06-10 01:44:40 ET

ooh! great model pics ;)

2003-06-10 03:13:52 ET

You are so beautiful. Can I clone you? Please say yes. Please.

2003-06-10 05:45:46 ET

the pics are great cynthia!!

2003-06-10 06:03:17 ET

ah...a girl in tall boots and burgandy...very nice. now if i were only single...

2003-06-10 06:46:28 ET

Washu clones huh? can we sell them on e-bay? Will they come with their own six-pack of imported beer? I think we've got something here!

2003-06-10 06:59:32 ET

well ebay rules that we cant sell food items, per with the beer it may have to go into the adult catagory. though if we tag agf to the title, i know alot of those hot topic goths would be buying up our clones, especially those vampire the lameassqurade types...
course this could come back to haunt us. an army of cynthias would deffinately be a force to reckon with, and not one i wouldnt be knocking on my doorstep armed and loaded...

2003-06-10 07:03:18 ET

A barbie doll will be better than a clone, I see a new generation growing up on Ub3r-Barbie(tm)

2003-06-10 07:35:47 ET

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your pictures are hawt!!! wow wow wow omg 111!!

2003-06-10 07:42:16 ET

*catcalls and wolf-whistles all over the place!*

you look insanely amazing in those pics, hon! simple, clean, fab colors, and rocking hawt dress & dreads ... just gorgeous! :D

2003-06-10 10:12:17 ET


thanks guys. :-)

2003-06-10 10:15:18 ET

hot damn! thats all im going to say

2003-06-10 10:27:34 ET

LORDY! *nods vigorously*

2003-06-10 10:31:25 ET

jodi-did you see the kiddie pics in the first gallery? that was what i tried to send to you.

2003-06-10 10:35:54 ET

AHH!!!! You're so sweet! Wow, such a blondie!

2003-06-10 15:00:13 ET we can all say weve seen you in the nude...

2003-06-10 15:34:42 ET

hey...only kinda.

2003-06-10 21:03:22 ET mom still has that picture of me peing with this cloud mask on...

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